Sangsters International Airport terminal opened.

Knutsford Express - MBJ Depot

Passengers can now connect to our scheduled services at Sangster International Airport Montego Bay to one of our many depots across the island.

Due to the growing problem of traffic congestion between the airport and downtown Montego Bay, commuters spend an unreasonable amount of time in traffic to get to the Pier 1 terminal and then have to pass the airport again.

At the beginning of March, end February we are looking to have an approximation of what is a multi-modal situation in Montego Bay, where returning Jamaicans and tourists will be able to connect with our scheduled service across the island directly from the airport.

Based on the feedback we get from overseas companies who are in the business of developing travel plans or sending relatives to Jamaica, this will mean a lot. This also extends a feeling of ease and security to visitors who might be concerned safely traveling around Jamaica.