Luggage Policy

Passengers on Knutsford Express Services may travel with their belongings in suitcases, duffel bags or properly secured boxes.

Passengers are responsible for:

  • Transporting their own luggage to the loading area, to be placed on the coach. However, passengers requiring special assistance with their luggage (elderly, physically challenged or parents with small children) may request special assistance.
  • Ensuring they collect the right luggage at their destination

Each passenger is entitled to the following luggage allowance:

  • One (1) check-in piece; not exceeding 50lbs (dimensions 35.5x29x16 inches)
  • One (1) carry-on piece; not exceeding 20lbs (dimensions 22x14x9 inches)
  • A charge of $350.00JMD will be applied for the third piece, a charge of $750.00JMD will be applied for the fourth piece. Any additional pieces and/or items exceeding the above weight and dimensions will be charged at our courier rate.
  • The additional pieces should not exceed 60lbs and the following dimensions: 35.5x29x16 inches.

Passengers are advised not to carry valuables in their checked luggage. The company is not liable for valuables placed in luggage including, but not limited to:

  • antiques
  • computer equipment and related items
  • manuscripts and other documents (personal or business)
  • electronic equipment
  • films/photographs and photographic equipment
  • fragile items
  • jewellery
  • watches
  • keys
  • medication
  • money
  • paintings
  • art work
  • perishable items

In the event of a lost luggage, passengers should:

  • Complete a Lost Luggage Form available at the stations
  • Present bag tag receipt for the lost luggage
  • Provide proof of the value of contents in the lost luggage

Knutsford Express limits its liability for lost luggage to US$250.00