Courier Services

Send packages conveniently between our terminals in 10 cities and towns. Our courier counters are open to receive and deliver packages 7 days per week.

Our courier rates are determined by Scale Weight or the Dimensional Weight of the package.

Scale Weight is $650JMD for the first 10lbs (1-10lbs) and $45JMD for each lb over 10lbs. Total costs include GCT.

Dimensional Weight is charged for packages that are light in weight but large in size. The dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the LengthxWidthxHeight, then dividing the total by 800. 

The cost applied to an item will be the greater of the Scale Weight or the Dimensional Weight.

Terms & Conditions: We do not offer packaging. Items are to be pre-packaged but not sealed as the contents of each package will be inspected. We do not transport cash, jewellery, hazardous items (fuel, chemicals, gas, etc), frozen foods. Consignee must present courier bill number and national/business ID on collection. Packages travel on next available space.

Storage Fee will apply if a package is not picked up witin 3 days of arriving at the destination. 

Our liability is limited to $6000JMD per shipment.